27 May 1988

December 23th, 2020. We lost the battle. But not the war.
We went back in time. We need to start over again.
We need to find all the CryptoCreepers and take our revenge.

There are 1000 CryptoCreepers in total.
We need help from Dr. Tomlinson and Dr. Solomon to build NanoReapers and destroy these.......

Signal Interruption.. Intruder Detected..

Incoming Transmission

<qslp id="cryptocreeper" class="danger">				
Dr. Tomlinson? Solomon? You think you can destroy us with the Reaper? 
Not even Luke Filewalker can destroy us.
We will rise again.
2020 is our year.
Nothing will stop us.

Signal lost... Trying to reconnect... Unable to reconnect.

Communication Systems Offline.. Rebooting At Blockheight: 3,000,000